Gene Koyfman Analysis

ETF Closings: Not To Worry

Any excessive worry about the accelerating pace of ETF closures in the past year is off the mark. Analysis

The Rise Of MINT-Like ETFs

With the future of money market funds a bit murky, the ETF industry is seizing an opportunity.

ETF Report

 Choosing The Best Corporate Bond ETF

What's the best corporate bond ETF for you? IndexUniverse's ETF Analytics team investigates. Plus: Why everything you know about credit ratings is wrong. Analysis

FocusShares' Misplaced Focus

The No. 1 feature ETFs are touted for is their low costs. But as FocusShares' failed go at the ETF market proves, there's more to it than that. Analysis

No Need To Pay Up For Safety

The flight to quality in financial markets is hardly news, especially with Europe seemingly on the brink. But losing money to preserve capital is neither wise nor necessary.

ETF Report

 Is BOND Better Than PTTRX?

“We’ve been very pleased,” said Don Suskind, head of ETF Product Management at Pimco. He’s talking, of course, about the launch of the Pimco Total Return ETF, BOND. Analysis

Corporate Bond ETF Bonanza

Rates are low, but ETF sponsors sure are serving up alluring ways for investors to get the yield they crave.

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Volatility ETFs Often Own All VIX Futures

Does this matter for investors? Analysis

Growing World Of Bond ETFs

The maturation of fixed-income ETFs has been a long time coming, and it’s only recently that they’re really taking off.