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ETF Report

 Indeterminate Intermediate Bond ETFs

Investors like to know what they’re getting when they make an investment: fees are this much, or the fund will hold that type of security. Transparency is often the key to investors’ hearts (and success), which is one reason ETFs have been so triumphant. Analysis

EM Debt ETF Bandwagon

A recent CNBC article highlighted, yet again, that owning debt from the developing world denominated in local currency remains the darling of many investors. Analysis

Operation Twist’s ETF Fallout

Last Wednesday, the Federal Reserve capitulated to market expectations and announced ‘Operation Twist.’ Now, let’s take it to the lab. Analysis

ETFs For ‘Operation Twist’

Ben Bernanke has reiterated on multiple occasions that the Federal Reserve continues to have tools to re-energize the flailing economic recovery. Analysis

Defending The Passive Way

Reading Paul Baiocchi’s blog, I was shocked to see the SPIVA scorecard results. Analysis

BIL, SHV: Guaranteed Zero Returns

Investors are pouring money into ETFs that, at best, will earn nothing. There are other options. Analysis

The Downgrade And Bond ETFs

Last Friday, it happened – “The Downgrade.” There’s only one problem. It doesn’t really matter.

ETF Report

 Rethinking Float Analysis

Bond ETFs—Not Dead Yet!

Last week, Paul Amery wrote a eulogy for bond ETFs. But Paul’s missing the forest for the trees.