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US Financial ETFs & Return Dispersions

A look under the hood reveals why FXO has risen nearly 33 percent, while KBWD rose less than half of that.

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Cohen & Steers Lays Plans To Issue ETFs

Asset manager that partially backs iShares’ ‘ICF’ made regulatory moves to bring its own ETFs into the sphere.

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2013’s Bottom 10 ETF Performers

VIX-related funds lead underperformance; mining ETFs fall into deeper hole.

ETF Report

 Why I Own: IVV

Lynne Kinney and Carl Choy of CKW Financial Group favor IVV over SPY.

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JP Morgan Plans Global Equities ETF

A noteworthy regulatory filing from J.P. Morgan could bring the firm’s first ’40 Act ETF to market.

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RevenueShares Looks To Offer Active ETFs

The ‘fundamental’ ETF shop RevenueShares hopes to offer active ETFs.

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Top 10 ETF Performers YTD

TAN leads performance by a landslide year-to-date, but the nine other funds that follow are impressive in their own right.

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Franklin Templeton’s T-Note ETF Imminent

Franklin Templeton’s first foray into ETFs, an active, short-term bond fund, looks to be nearing launch.

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CKW’s Choy On The 60/40 Active-Passive Split

CKW Financial Group principal favors emerging market-debt and active investments, as long as they know their place.