Heather Bell

Heather Bell is managing editor for ETF.com and ETF Report.

Daily ETF Watch

Franklin Debuts Active Treasury ETF

The fund targets maturities from one to 30 years.

Daily ETF Watch

Direxion Debuts 3 Equity Strategies

New funds offer strategies for buy-and-hold investors.

Daily ETF Watch

More New Active ETFs Ahead

BlackRock looking to join the new active party using ActiveShares model.

Daily ETF Watch

Roundhill ETF Targets Online Betting

New ETF looks to capitalize on the world of internet sports betting.

Daily ETF Watch

Fidelity Debuts 3 ETFs Via Own Active Model

The new Fidelity funds rely on the firm’s in-house model for “nontransparent active” ETFs.

Daily ETF Watch

Global X, UBS Launch ETF, ETNs

The new products include one ETF from Global X and four ETNs from UBS.

Daily ETF Watch

May Sees Limited ETF Filings

With the pandemic grinding on, there have been very few filings, but some are worth noting.

Daily ETF Watch

Allianz Enters ETF Market

The financial giant rolls out defined outcome ETFs.

ETF Report

ETF Launches: BKLC

BNY Mellon enters the ETF space with a fund charging an expense ratio of zero.