Heather Bell

Heather Bell is managing editor for ETF.com and ETF Report.

ETF Report

 Opening The Frontier

Until recently, frontier markets were simultaneously the hottest and most inaccessible asset class for ETF investors. Although the buzz about them had grown steadily, there hadn't been many ways for individual investors to access these tiny outposts across the globe...

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S&P Gets Selective In India

New index has size and liquidity screens and adjusts for foreign investment limits.

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Home Price Indexes Not Completely Dismal For June

We'll take the good news where we can find it.

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Anchors Aweigh! Claymore Launches SEA

New Claymore ETF covers global shipping industry.

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Claymore’s RYJ May Go From CEF To ETF

A shareholder vote set for August 28 will determine RYJ's fate.

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New ETNs Seek To Replicate Graham’s Strategies

Three new ELEMENTS ETNs from DB track indexes based on the philosophy of Benjamin Graham.

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Analyst Sees New Markets Opening For ETF Investors

Highly regarded Wachovia researcher Mariana Bush assesses where ETFs and ETNs are heading and who'll be buying them.

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Dow Jones Rolls Out Infrastructure Indexes

DJ Indexes has rolled out an entire family of indexes covering the global infrastructure sector.

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State Street Launches Ex-U.S. Sector ETFs

New SPDRs track 10 international sectors.