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Heather Bell is managing editor for ETF.com and ETF Report.

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Two Chinas

A new index explores the A-share premium.


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An ETF Donald Trump Would Love

Now, you can put the wealthy to work for you, with a new luxury goods ETF.

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Vanguard Signals Advisors

Are Vanguard's new Signal shares a good deal for advisors, or a bait-and-switch?

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Fees Falling (Or Are They?)

The ICI says fees are down. And that glass is one-sixteenth full...

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China IPO Index: Hottest Of The Hot

IPOX Schuster LLC is doing something new. Again. The Chicago-based index provider, the only index provider to focus on initial public offerings (IPOs), has launched yet another IPO index-the IPOX China 30 A-Shares Index.

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The View From S&P

Standard and Poor's top analysts gaze into their crystal ball to see where the market is headed from here.

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Diversification Still Works

In support of international diversification, even (or especially) in a globalized age.

ETF Report

 Going International

International (ex-US) ETFs are suddenlycropping up all over the marketplace,seeking sunlight—and investors—in thelooming shadow of the $40 billioniShares MSCI EAFE (EFA) ETF. Vanguard,State Street Global Advisors,WisdomTree, Claymore, andPowerShares have all launched or filedto launch broad, international, developed-markets ETFs recently; andPowerShares already markets the BLDRSDeveloped Markets ADR (ADRD). All ofthese ETFs have subtle but importantdifferences when compared with EFAand each other.

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PutWrite Profits

The CBOE follows up on its popular BuyWrite index with ... what else ... the CBOE PutWrite Index.