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Heather Bell is managing editor for ETF.com and ETF Report.

ETF Report

 Currency ETFs Open Up Whole New Asset Class


It used to be that currency investing was something for the sophisticated investor (or adviser), rather than a tool used by the average market participant. That began to change near the end of 2005, when Rydex launched the first of its CurrencyShares ETFs—the CurrencyShares Euro Trust (NYSE Arca: FXE).

ETF Report

 Investors Pile Into Leveraged And Inverse ETFs In January

Exchange-traded fund investors piled into leveraged and inverse ETFs in January, as market uncertainty drove investors into these trading/hedging products en masse.

Journal Of Indexes

Active Vs. Passive

A roundtable discussion

Features and News

FocusShares Charts Return With Target-Date ETFs

Although it is implied in FocusShares' new filing that more funds could follow, the initial filing for the firm's second batch of funds features six target date ETFs.

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Schwab Files To Enter ETF Marketplace

The huge discount brokerage house and asset manager is setting plans to move into ETFs.

Features and News

State Street Challenges BGI With Latest ETFs

Newest funds cover short-term international bonds and mortgage-backed securities.

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Triple Leverage: A Good Idea?

Much has been written about the fuzzy math of leveraged funds. But there's a lot more to know about new ETFs that provide 300% exposure.

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BGI Launches Two New International Bond ETFs

Both new iShares international bond funds are expected to wind up charging 0.35% annually in expense ratios.

ETF Report

 The Outlook For 2009: Newcomers In The Pipeline

Most investors view 2008 as an unmitigated disaster. Yet for the ETF industry, there was a definite silver lining.