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Heather Bell is managing editor for ETF.com and ETF Report.

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Is Decoupling Done?

A review of 2008 uncovers reasons to believe that emerging markets will regain their form as a strong diversification tool for U.S. ETF investors. 

Features and News

Home Prices Indexes Crash In October

The S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indexes record another ugly month.

ETF Report

 Is Triple Leverage Too Much?

In early November, Direxion Funds rolled out the first of its much-anticipated triple-exposure exchange—traded funds. Industry watchers have alternately viewed them as dangerous vehicles for speculation or as innovative trading tools for experienced investors, or sometimes, as both.

ETF Report

 Bond ETF Spreads Cause Concern

One of the advantages of an exchange-traded fund over, say, a closed-end fund, is that the ETF rarely trades at a significant discount or premium to its underlying net asset value. Unless, of course, it's a bond ETF in the midst of some of the greatest market turmoil seen in the past 100 years.

ETF Watch

ETF Watch: November 14 – November 20

A new global NETS ETF launches, along with a CurrencyShares ETF covering the ruble–plus our list of ETFs in registration.

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New Dawn Emerging As Correlations Tighten

As losses mount, emerging markets are seeing ETF performances begin to correlate more closely with developed markets.

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Emerging Markets In The News: Week Of Oct. 20

The credit crisis sinks emerging markets.

ETF Report

 Market Turmoil Creates Hurdles For Inverse Financial ETFs

While September was not a happy time for the stock market in general, the true strife was confined mainly to the financial sector. Perhaps ironically, for exchange-traded funds, much of the negative drama was felt by the inverse financial ETFs—the very funds that many investors expected would have their heyday when the Financials sector was tanking.

Features and News

New Indexes Meld Frontier With Emerging Markets

With diversification-hungry investors waking up to the smell of frontier markets, index providers are crowding into the space.