Heather Bell

Heather Bell is the editor of ETF.com and ETF Report.

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New Market Vectors ETF Covers Africa

The new fund covers both emerging and frontier markets,domestic and offshore stocks.

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ETF Watch: July 3 – July 10

Another frontier markets fund lists, plus new filings, industry data and our list of ETFs in registration.

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A Second Frontier Markets ETF Debuts

The new fund from PowerShares covers the Middle East and North Africa.

ETF Report

 The Facts And Fast Growth Of The ETN Market

The first exchange-traded notes were launched in June of 2006 by Barclays Capital. These newcomers—the first two members of the iPath ETN family—heralded the start of a next-generation investment boom. In two short years, ETN assets have grown to more than $6.5 billion, invested in roughly 70 different products.

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S&P Rolls Out New Gulf States Index

S&P GCC 40 is a narrow-based, investable index.

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Barclays Makes Power Play

Barclays Capital launches a power index family covering electricity prices.

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New MacroShares Also Cover Oil

But they start at $100/barrel…

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SPDR Gold Shares Trading In Tokyo

Newly cross-listed gold fund off to a lackluster start.

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Adelante Shares Marked For Liquidation

XShares is closing its small family of real estate ETFs.