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Heather Bell is managing editor for ETF.com and ETF Report.

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Platinum ETNs On Deck

At long last, it looks like U.S. investors are going to have access to platinum via an exchange-traded product.

ETF Report

 First Mover Status – Myth Or Reality ?

In most highly competitive industries, first-mover status is an elite distinction that can prove vital to long-term acceptance in the marketplace. But with 280 different funds launched last year and the first active portfolios finally arrived, how much does being first really matter in a hyper-evolving exchange-traded funds marketplace?

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Straight From The Source: Philippe El-Asmar

IndexUniverse.com chats with one of the key people behind the iPath family of ETNs.

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Beyond The Abstract: Investors Are Not Efficient Shoppers

A recent paper finds that investors consistently fail to consider fees and expenses when selecting comparable funds.

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PowerShares Turns To The Frontier

Firm files for its first frontier markets ETF, which would cover the Middle East and Africa.

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Deutsche Bank Lists U.K.'s First Money Market ETFs

The new funds are tied to the U.S. federal funds rate and the SONIA rate.

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New Claymore ETF Sheds Some Light On Solar Energy

"TAN" is the first ETF to cover a potentially hot industry.

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The ELEMENTS Of Expansion

Merrill Lynch's ETN platform adds four products in the early days of April.

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Beyond The Abstract: Will ETFs Obliterate OEFs?

A look at an article that compares the OEF and ETF structures.