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Heather Bell is managing editor of ETF.com.

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Powershares Files For CEF With Built-In ETF Conversion

PowerShares tries for the best of both worlds with its CEF ETF filing; the back door load.

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The Outsourcing Tail "Waaging" The Corporate Dog

Will globalization spawn a new asset class?

ETF Report

 SRI meets ETFs

Socially responsible investing (SRI) has existed at the edges of the finance world, acknowledged by but rarely a part of the financial mainstream. Rising awareness of topics like global warming and violence in Sudan, however, have coincided with the explosive growth of ETFs to give both individual and institutional investors new choices...

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Two Chinas

A new index explores the A-share premium.


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An ETF Donald Trump Would Love

Now, you can put the wealthy to work for you, with a new luxury goods ETF.

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Vanguard Signals Advisors

Are Vanguard's new Signal shares a good deal for advisors, or a bait-and-switch?

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Fees Falling (Or Are They?)

The ICI says fees are down. And that glass is one-sixteenth full...

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China IPO Index: Hottest Of The Hot

IPOX Schuster LLC is doing something new. Again. The Chicago-based index provider, the only index provider to focus on initial public offerings (IPOs), has launched yet another IPO index-the IPOX China 30 A-Shares Index.

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The View From S&P

Standard and Poor's top analysts gaze into their crystal ball to see where the market is headed from here.