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After remaining relatively quiet on the ETF scene for quite some time, State Street Global Advisors has made some moves as of late.

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Fee Study Reaffirms Bogle Fund Research on Fund Costs (Again)

A revisit of fund fees shows a devastating analysis the the direct (inverse) relation between fees and performance.

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More Than SPDRs and $1.1 Trillion

After a period of relative inactivity, State Street Global Advisors (SSgA) has been making waves in the world of indexing...and beyond.

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Cashing in on Texas Tea

With crude oil prices continuing to soar, the oil sector has become all the rage. John Spence takes a look at natural resources ETFs.

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Investors Could Jump Back on S&P 500 Bandwagon

Investors may be poised to again begin moving a flood of assets into the venerable 500.

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ETF Short Interest Drops from High March 2004 Levels

Compared to ordinary equity short volumes, ETF have phenomenally high short interest for a variety of hedging and speculative reasons. What the latest drop in short interest may mean...

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Bogle Critical of Latest Indexing Trends

Index Investing pioneer John Bogle laments the speculative shift of index products & says the trend is harmful to investors

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ETF Options Provide Flexible Tools for Hedging, Managing Risk

The proliferation of ETF options has provided investors with new tools covering narrower areas of domestic and international markets.

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Hedge Funds Index Funds Opening Asset Class

Funds begin tracking hedge funds indexes, providing some transparency, while opening the asset class to more investors.