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S&P DJI Rolls Out Metals Futures Benchmarks

S&P Dow Jones Indices debuted two "all metals" futures indexes in late August that target precious and industrial metals, expanding its family of indexes derived from the widely used commodity benchmark S&P GSCI.

The indexes—the S&P GSCI All Metals 3 Month Forward Index and the S&P GSCI All Metals 3 Month Forward Capped Component Index—will both use the nearest-expiring contracts in the S&P GSCI, looking three months forward from the current date.

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Stoxx Launches Second 3-D Printing Index

Stoxx Ltd. in late July launched a new "pure-play" index of companies involved in 3-D printing—its second benchmark focused on the new technology in three months.

The new Stoxx Global 3D Printing Pure Play Index, like the Stoxx Global 3D Printing Tradable Index it launched in April, will have 30 constituents. But the newer benchmark is designed to isolate smaller firms for whom 3D printing constitutes a bigger piece of their overall businesses, Stoxx said in a press release.

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MSCI Debuts 'Quality Mix' Indexes

In August, MSCI launched its MSCI Quality Mix Index family. The benchmarks aim to represent the performance of quality, value and low-volatility risk premia strategies across global markets in one index by combining the MSCI Quality, MSCI Value Weighted and MSCI Minimum Volatility indexes.

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Goldman, Visa & Nike Join The Dow

Goldman Sachs, Visa and Nike all joined the Dow Jones industrial average as of Monday, Sept. 23, with the actual switch made after the close of trading on Friday, Sept. 20. The three companies replaced Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard and Alcoa, respectively; the ejected stocks had held the unenviable position of being the three cheapest stocks on the historic 30-stock price-weighted index.

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S&P 500 Buybacks Up In 2Q

S&P Dow Jones Indices said in mid-September that the second quarter saw stock buybacks among the component companies of the S&P 500 amounting to $118.1 billion. That's an 18.1 percent increase from the first quarter and a 5.6 percent increase from the $111.7 billion spent in the prior-year period.

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BATS And Direct Edge To Merge

The BATS exchange and Direct Edge, two players that have separately created cutting-edge modern electronic trading systems, plan to merge in a transaction under the BATS name that would displace Nasdaq OMX as the second-biggest U.S.-based trading venue. Terms weren't disclosed.

The announcement of the deal could result in further challenges to the New York Stock Exchange's place as the No. 1 U.S. stock exchange.

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Libor To Remain Under London Control

The Libor lending rate will remain in London following proposals that full control be moved to Paris-based European Securities and Markets Authority, according to press reports.

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Case-Shiller Indexes Continue Rise

In late September, S&P Dow Jones Indices unveiled the July results for the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price indexes. All 20 of the cities covered by the indexes were up for the month, according to the press release, and the 10- and 20-City Composite indexes were up 1.9 and 1.8 percent, respectively.

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BlackRock Acquitted In SEC-Lending Case

BlackRock has been acquitted of claims that it generated "excessive" revenue of 40 percent from lending securities to the detriment of investors in its iShares funds.

The U.S. courts dismissed claims that BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, the intermediary lending agent between BlackRock Fund Advisors and third parties, was "wrongly enriched" through securities lending at the expense of investors, thereby violating the Investment Company Act 1940.