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Barclays’ Shiller Equity Indexes Extended To EU

Barclays announced in October that its Shiller Barclays CAPE Index family, which launched in the U.S. in September 2012, would now extend its reach to Europe with three new indexes.

The three new indexes mirror the U.S. range, and will include the Shiller Barclays CAPE Europe Sector Index; the Shiller Barclays CAPE Europe Sector Tilted Index; and the Shiller Barclays CAPE Europe Sector Market Hedged Index.

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S&P Launches Shariah FI Indexes

S&P Dow Jones Indices launched a new range of Shariah-compliant indexes in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in early October.

The S&P MENA Bond & Sukuk Index has two subindexes, the S&P MENA Sukuk Index and the S&P MENA Bond Index. The S&P MENA Bond Index is non-Shariah compliant.

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FTSE TMX Global Debt Capital Markets Launches

Following a partnership with TMX in early 2013, FTSE launched its new index brand, FTSE TMX Global Debt Capital Markets, on Oct. 1.

In a 75/25 percent ownership with the Canadian index provider, FTSE has officially melded TMX Datalinx’s fixed-income unit “PC-Bond” with its own existing international fixed-income business. TMX Datalinx is the information service division of TMX Group.

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Stoxx, Eurex Repo Extend Indexes Along Yield Curve

Stoxx Limited, in partnership with Eurex Repo, announced additions to the Stoxx GC Pooling Index family in mid-October. The 14 new indexes cover the full money market curve up to 12 months, the press release said.

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S&P DJI Adds To S&P GSCI Lineup

In October, S&P Dow Jones Indices launched a family of indexes based on the S&P GSCI Single Commodity Index, applying its “capped component” rules to create a diversified, yet focused, family of commodity indexes.

The makeup of this new family of indexes provides market makers with the index they need to build an active portfolio that focuses on a single commodity, yet still offers the necessary diversity, according to Jodie Gunzberg, vice president of Commodity Indices at S&P Dow Jones Indices.

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Semiannual MSCI Index Review Reveals Changes

The MSCI Equity Indices November Semiannual index review posted changes effective as of the close of Nov. 26, 2013.

Most notably, following MSCI’s reclassification of the MSCI Greece Index from developed market to emerging market, the three largest additions to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index were the National Bank of Greece, Bank of Piraeus and Alpha Bank—all Greece-based securities.

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110 Q3 IPOs For Russell Indexes

In the third quarter of 2013, Russell announced the addition of 110 initial public offerings (IPOs) to its global indexes, which included 47 additions to the U.S. Broad-Market Russell 3000 Index and 63 additions to the Russell Global ex-U.S. Index.

The U.S. index additions included seven companies added to the large-cap Russell 1000 Index, 34 introduced to the small-cap Russell 2000 Index and six added to the Russell Microcap Index.