Julian Murdoch

Julian Murdoch is a former staff writer of HardAssetsInvestor.com, which is now part of ETF.com.

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Pork Catches The Flu

Forget about reality, perception is killing the pork contracts.
  • International overreaction in commodities prices
  • Breaking the April 'sure thing'
  • Import bans: just fixing trade imbalances? 

Features and News

Where’s The Oil?

High oil prices make exploration profitable. So what about now?

  • Is a reduction in drilling laying the groundwork for higher prices?
  • How much has exploration fallen, anyway?
  • What does this mean for oil services companies?

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Buying Diamonds?

If gold is a 'safe haven,' are diamonds a sure thing too? Maybe not.

  • Are diamonds a commodity?
  • Is there a liquid market for diamonds?
  • How do they fare during times of inflation?

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Gazprom: A Russian Invasion?

Russia's house band in the natural gas business is setting up gigs in the U.S. of A. Be afraid.
  • Why is Gazprom bothering with prices so low?
  • Could the U.S. come to rely on Russian gas?
  • When will nat gas prices recover?

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Alcoa, Aluminum And You

The market expected bad news from Alcoa earlier this week, and it delivered. Does it matter?
  • Can the industry shrink itself to greatness?
  • China ramping up
  • Little agreement from analysts

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Thinking Sugar

Sugar is like a ‘minor metal' for agriculture investors. Should it be?
  • Global supply and demand
  • India's production and its role on the global stage
  • Prices up and down on news both short and long term

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Everything You Ever Wanted (Needed) To Know About Junior Gold Miners

With everyone focused on gold as an inflation/recovery play, cocktail conversation turns to the "juniors."

  • What is a "junior," anyway?
  • Is it gold? Or is it dirt?
  • Separating the dreams from the reality

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Gaming Grains

With the flooding in Fargo swamping wheat and the USDA prospective plantings on tap, HAI examines the outlook for corn, soybeans and wheat.

  • Why the massive flood isn't moving prices
  • The global wheat glut
  • Soybean fever

Features and News

A Copper Rally?

Copper had a good beginning of the week. Is it to early to call the bottom?
  • Chinese imports on the rise
  • Surprising housing numbers
  • The inventory problem