Julian Murdoch

Julian Murdoch is a former staff writer of HardAssetsInvestor.com, which is now part of ETF.com.

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No Gas For You

The U.S. may feel the effects of the natural gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine for some time to come.
  • Russia's Gazprom turns off the spigot
  • Deprivation is a two-edged sword
  • Ripple effects

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The Outlook For Corn

Why does the Congressional Budget Office think corn will crater over the next decade? And should we believe them?

  • A decade-long slump
  • Ethanol margins squeezed
  • Input costs uncertain

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Cocoa: The Last Commodity Standing

Why is cocoa hitting record highs, while all other commodities are crashing?
  • Disease hit supplies
  • Currencies boost prices
  • The outlook for 2009

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Could Coal Recover?

Like most commodities, coal crashed this fall. What will it take to engender a recovery?
  • Renegotiation for steelmakers
  • The supply glut
  • Peak coal

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ETF Securities: A Look Inside

Sometimes it's helpful to get a third-party perspective. ETFS' Commodities Review 2008 just arrived, and it provides just that.

  • Insights on Gold, Industrial Metals, and Oil
  • Cash flows at ETF Securities
  • Are ETC investors calling a bottom?

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Bean Battle Brewing

There's a battle brewing in soybeans:
between the American Soybean Association and the United Soybean Board.
  • Who the heck are these guys?
  • What's the problem?
  • Why should you care?

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Shipping Sky Not Falling?

Investors in bulk shipping companies have locked in a clean double in the last few days. But why?
  • Prices are always relative
  • The Obama infrastructure case
  • The Chinese steel connection

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Corn Heads For Zero

It's not only gas at the pump that's in the midst of massive deflation ... the poster child for bubbles—corn—is in a free fall.
  • Where's the corn floor?
  • Shrinking demand
  • The ethanol problem

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Supply Cuts Set Stage For Rally (Eventually)

We're finally seeing supply cuts in the commodity markets. Is that setting the stage for a rally in the long term?

  • Huge cuts in steel, aluminum and more
  • Ship rental costs down 95%
  • Shortages when (and if) demand returns