Julian Murdoch

Julian Murdoch is a former staff writer of HardAssetsInvestor.com, which is now part of ETF.com.

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Demanding Gold

Supply and demand always win in the end. Does that count for gold?

  • Friday's crazy rally
  • The under-covered story
  • Big deficits - but not in the budget

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Blood From A Stone: Redux

Shale oil is one of those “someday” solutions. But someday may have just gotten a little bit closer.
  • News from the U.S. Department of Interior
  • The current economic argument
  • Can it be profitable with oil at $50/barrel?


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Cars And Metal, Metal And Cars

The latest headlines are all about autos, but what does Detroit in the doldrums mean for commodities?
  • Metals content in cars
  • The demand slump and falling prices
  • Finding an opportunity

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Rethinking Sugar

Why are Jim Rogers, and so many others (including Kevin Kerr in this week's podcast), hot for sugar?
  • Sugar's historical lows
  • Increasing consumption & supply deficits
  • The Brazil bet

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Pushing Tin

Limited supply. Rising demand. Is now a great time to be investing in tin?

  • Lead-free solder means more tin
  • China, Indonesia crack down on supply
  • Multiple-year deficits come home to roost

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Digging Into Shipping

Shipping rates could be the worst-performing commodity index in the market, but does that mean it's time to buy?
  • The shipping company trading range
  • How to read a quarterly report
  • Top shippers compared

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The Shark’s Still Circling

The endless dance between Rio Tinto and suitor BHP Billiton only gets trickier in markets like this.
  • The narrowing gap
  • The tragedy of the all-stock deal
  • Rio's core business

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Pity Party For OPEC?

On Friday, the world's most powerful collection of Energy influencers threw a party and nobody came.
  • Details of the cut
  • The oil budget conundrum for OPEC countries
  • Is gas actually cheap?

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Don’t Worry About The ‘Natural Gas’ OPEC

Headlines burned with blue flame over the idea of a natural gas cartel this week - but does anyone really care?
  • Is a cartel really in the offing?
  • The local nature of natural gas
  • Seasonality vs. competition