Julian Murdoch

Julian Murdoch is a former staff writer of HardAssetsInvestor.com, which is now part of ETF.com.

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Gold Demand: Not What You Think

The latest news on true gold demand contains some surprising revelations.
  • Why is ETF demand declining?
  • Jewelry, electronics making comebacks
  • How scrap has changed the supply picture

Features and News

Following The Bouncing Baltic Dry

We examine the Baltic Dry's wild ride in 2009, and what it could mean for shipping and investors in 2010.
  • What's behind the Baltic Dry's 2009 swings?
  • Will more ships balance out higher 2010 demand?
  • What's the best way to play higher shipping rates?

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The Soybean Farmer’s Bet

With record inventories and record harvests, it's a tough time to be in soybeans right now. But are farmers making the right bets?
  • What's behind the massive harvest?
  • Why prices have collapsed
  • How farmers are dealing with record yields

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Copper’s Tricky Dance

Is copper’s run really over this time? Or will China keep saving the day?

  • Technical voodoo
  • Strong demand in China
  • The Asian inventory glut

Features and News

Steel: China Vs. U.S.

Will Chinese–U.S. tensions derail steel's stellar run?
  • Tariffs and duties on pipes, grates and more
  • 2009: steel's crazy year
  • The outlook for 2010

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Five Golden Rings

With gold well off its highs, will last-minute Christmas shopping save gold bugs?
  • The deteriorating demand picture
  • Fearless 2009 demand predictions
  • Shifting sources of need

Features and News

Copper: Further Steady Times Ahead?

Copper's been Mr. Consistent this year, recovering from last winter's lows. But is 2009's ramp-up headed for a repeat?
  • How the hope of economic recovery has pushed prices higher
  • Will Australia's declining output cause a supply deficit next year?
  • Which matters more: the dollar or China? 

Features and News

Corn ... In December?

With snow on the ground and some corn still out in the fields, is now the right time to add corn exposure to your portfolio?
  • Why snow won't necessarily stop the harvest
  • Will corn prices keep going up?
  • Which ETPs have corn exposure?

Features and News

Under The Hood Of Alt-Energy ETFs

All eyes are on Copenhagen this week as the world discusses how to combat global warming. Do commodity ETF investors have a play?
  • A bright future for TAN?
  • Wind's returns depend on Europe
  • The good, bad and ugly of broad-based funds