Julian Murdoch

Julian Murdoch is a former staff writer of HardAssetsInvestor.com, which is now part of ETF.com.

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Peak Oil Demand

We talk a lot about peak oil, but maybe it's time we should start talking peak demand.
  • Where oil demand will fall by 2030—and where it will spike
  • By 2030, 50% of all oil must come from fields not yet found
  • How to play the changing demand picture

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Rethinking Gold Miner ETFs

The new junior miners ETF offers investors new possibilities in gold stocks—but the GDX vs. GDXJ choice isn't as simple as it seems.
  • Beyond small-cap vs. large-cap
  • The impact of the Aussie dollar
  • Do we need a better GDX?

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Smart Investing In Smart Grid

With the Obama administration now spreading around $3.4 billion in electrical infrastructure funding, it pays to know where the money's going.
  • $3.4 billion in grants: Who won?
  • Ways to play: stocks vs. ETFs
  • Smart grid's ‘ripple effect’ on energy demand

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Oil: Supply & Demand? Hardly!

When it comes to oil, the ‘law of supply and demand' has been more of a suggestion lately. What's really driving prices these days?
  • Awash in oil – so why are prices rising?
  • The crude oil-dollar correlation
  • Why you should watch the tankers

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How To Play The Gold/Silver Ratio

We take a fresh look at the magic number and discuss how investors can use it to their advantage.

  • Silver's strong—but is gold in a bubble?
  • Could we ever see 30:1 again?
  • How to use ETFs to play the ratio

Features and News

Coal Stocks: Heating Up?

As coal companies begin reporting their earnings, how can you tell the stars from the stinkers?

  • Why thermal vs. metallurgical matters
  • Why Peabody's earnings were better than expected
  • How to pick a coal stock

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Platinum: A Stronger Safe Haven Than Gold?

Gold isn't the only precious metal shining lately. What's behind platinum's rise—and, more importantly, will it continue?
  • Demand still recovering from 2008
  • Oversupply in 2009 and 2010?
  • How would a U.S. ETF affect the market?

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Oil Spotlight: Angola And Nigeria

Both African countries are sitting on lots of oil—and China wants some.
  • Angola
  • Nigeria
  • China looking for oil deals

Features and News

What’s In Store For Aluminum?

Amid high inventories and increasing production, aluminum has many investors scratching their heads.
  • Going up? Going down? Yes!
  • Physical ETF in the offing?
  • Futures vs. equities