Julian Murdoch

Julian Murdoch is a former staff writer of HardAssetsInvestor.com, which is now part of ETF.com.

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Solar’s Bright Future

We take a look at the state of the solar power industry. Is the future bright enough for shades?
  • Recession bumps and bruises
  • The future is China and the U.S.
  • Playing the sun

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Chocolate Cravings

It looks like chocoholics everywhere may soon pay a bit more for their drug of choice.
  • Total global cocoa production down
  • Crop increases can't compensate
  • Kraft buying Cadbury?

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Tale Of Two Grains

Corn is down, soybeans are up (and down) and harvest is in sight. So what can go wrong now?
  • Too much corn, not enough demand
  • The ABC of soybeans
  • Betting on the weather

Features and News

Where Does Silver Go Next?

David Morgan, editor of Silver-Investor.com and The Morgan Report, shares his thoughts on silver’s short-term and long-term prospects.
  • Silver’s coming ‘spike low’
  • Safe haven or industrial metal?
    (And does it matter?)
  • How copper miners could impact silver prices

Features and News

Rethinking The Baltic Dry

The Baltic Dry Index is considered a leading indicator of global economic health. But is the crystal ball cracked?
  • The wild ride of the Baltic Dry
  • BDI's performance next to stocks and commodities
  • BDI as a window to the future?

Features and News

Whither Iraqi Oil?

Iraq and oil – two words forged together in the global consciousness. But not something talked about in terms of oil supply and demand – at least not since the U.S. fought a couple of wars there. That may soon change.

  • Iraq's oil – production and potential
  • Reviving the National Oil Co.
  • Bedfellows: Iraq, China and BP

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Iron And Steel

With Chinese iron ore price negotiations inching closer to their conclusion, is the hope of recovery dimming among steelmakers?

  • BHP's new iron ore prices
  • Chinese stimulus showing results
  • Steelmakers elsewhere not so positive

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Gold’s Second-Quarter ‘Surprise’

Last week, the World Gold Council released its quarterly Gold Investment Digest, which offered up some surprises for gold bulls.
  • Gold's not-so-stellar relative Q2 gains
  • Less gold purchased by ETFs
  • Could China overtake India as top gold consumer?

Features and News

Can Copper Keep It Up?

Is the copper recovery real? Or just a short-term blip?

  • Production and consumption numbers
  • Can the increase in China's imports continue?
  • Price breaks the $2.50 mark