Julian Murdoch

Julian Murdoch is a former staff writer of HardAssetsInvestor.com, which is now part of ETF.com.

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Is GLD A Good Deal?

Headlines last week were about GLD's largest holder making the switch to the hard stuff. Why the move?

  • Bullion vs. GLD by the numbers
  • It's all about assumptions
  • Einhorn's math

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A Spy In The House Of Iron?

Complications surround the extremely critical Chinese iron ore negotiations - and not just the usual ones.

  • Negotiations are like the energizer bunny: They keep going, and going ...
  • Rio Tinto manager arrested, but why?
  • China still importing iron

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Pickens’ Epic Wind Fail

T. Boone Pickens was going to change the world with his massive wind farm. Unfortunately, the capital markets got in the way.
  • The Pickens plan
  • What went wrong
  • The future for wind

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Nigeria & Oil: Still Relevant?

How oil prices respond to militant attacks on Nigerian pipelines and pumping stations.
  • A scary economy trumps pipeline disruptions
  • Context and timing are key
  • Quota cuts moot?

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A Big Bearish Day For Ags

The USDA released its Acreage report Tuesday morning and the market got its first gooad look at where final acreage stands for many key crops.

  • Soggy spring no biggie for corn
  • Record soybean plantings
  • Oversupplied in wheat

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Seeds Of Growth For Monsanto?

Monsanto's third-quarter earnings just came out. Are they an alternative for investors looking to go pick-and-shovel?
  • Roundup casualties
  • Seed sale volumes soaring
  • A different path to ags

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(Natural) Gas Pains?

Investors are flocking to the UNG natural gas ETF just as natural gas prices are falling. What's going on?

  • Crazy volumes
  • Killer contango
  • The 6-month weather forecast?

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Housing Starts Just Can’t Support Copper

After hitting an eight-month high just last week, copper has been on a downward slide, and not even crazy housing numbers can stop it.
  • Housing starts jump
  • Copper bows to pressure
  • Inventory overhang

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Nail-Biting In Shipping

We look at the Baltic Dry shipping index as a canary in the coal mine of commodities, and they've been on a tear. What's not to love?
  • The BDI roller coaster
  • Chinese imports
  • Ship supply issues