Lara Crigger

Lara Crigger is a senior staff writer for and ETF Report.

Features and News

David Kotok: A Euro Bull Waiting For Storm To Pass

The CNBC commentator and Cumberland Advisors founder says the euro will emerge stronger than ever. Watch for a buying opportunity.

Features and News

Dennis Gartman: The Euro Is 'Doomed'

The man behind The Gartman Letter says to buy the dollar, short the euro.
  • Will Greece doom the euro?
  • Why you should dump dollar-denominated gold
  • Is inflation or deflation in store?

Features and News

Dennis Gartman: The Euro Is ‘Doomed’

The man behind The Gartman Letter says to buy the dollar, short the euro and do it all using ETFs.

Features and News

Andrew Schectman: Gold Driven By Manipulation, Supply Shortages

The co-founder of precious metals firm Miles Franklin, LLC shares his outlook on the future of the ‘stealth' bull market in gold.
  • Why he foresees a major gold shortage soon
  • What role manipulation plays in the global gold market
  • Why the best days are still ahead for gold investors

Features and News

Daniel Spears: The Index Approach To MLPs

This overlooked asset class is commodities' best-kept secret, says a partner and portfolio manager for Swank Capital.
  • How MLPs are like REITs
  • How to use MLPs to hedge inflation
  • The details on the new Cushing 30 MLP Index

Features and News

Brian Nick: Time To Short Gold

This Barclays Wealth investment strategist explains why now is the right time to short the yellow metal.
  • Why we're not headed toward inflation
  • How ETFs have changed gold's demand picture
  • What's the real fair value for gold?

Features and News

Ken Armstead: The Active Approach To Commodities

The CEO of Absolute Plus Management explains why active beats passive when it comes to commodities.
  • The risks of a passive approach
  • Will we see active commodity ETFs?
  • Can contango continue—and does it matter?

ETF Report

 Cash In: Money Market ETFs

With yields these days scraping record lows, old-school money market mutual funds—the traditional “go-to” asset class for short-term cash allocations—have left many investors considering the mattress. Exchange-traded funds might seem like a natural alternative, but there aren’t any genuine money market ETFs in the U.S. at the moment; despite the prevalence of such funds in Europe, the space remains something of a vacuum in the U.S., largely untouched by stateside providers. But that’s not to say that investors are entirely out of luck. Those looking to park their cash somewhere still have a few ETF alternatives available.

Features and News

Satch Chada: Using Equities To Play Commodities

Managing director for Jefferies Asset Management, LLC gives the case for equities as commodities exposure.
  • Stocks: pros and cons
  • Can record demand continue?
  • Details on the new Wildcatters ETF