Lara Crigger

Lara Crigger is a senior staff writer for and ETF Report.

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 Gold ETF Myths Debunked

Conspiracy theories abound when it comes to gold ETFs. Muckrakers allege every nature of misdeed, from ETF vaults stuffed with fake (or missing) gold bars to a secret collusion between the world’s major banks to artificially suppress the price of gold.

ETF Report

 Pessimism, Prosperity Drive Gold Demand

Even though the gold market might seem complex sometimes, and its drivers highly psychological and unfathomable, the truth is, gold’s driven by the same thing as any other market: supply and demand.

ETF Report

 The Two Sides Of The Gold Coin: Two Bulls Diverge

Index Publications’ Lara Crigger recently sat down with two experts on the gold market—Jason Toussaint, managing director of investment for the World Gold Council, and Dennis Gartman, publisher of The Gartman Letter—to discuss the future of gold, now that it’s blown past the critical $1,300 barrier. While both of them are bullish on the long-term prospects for gold, they have very different views on the current situation.

Journal Of Indexes

Post-Apocalyptic Investing: The Index Approach

Surviving an apocalypse with your portfolio intact.

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Adrian Day: A Road Map For Resource Investing

The founder of Adrian Day Asset Management explains why the world is in the midst of a commodity "super cycle," and how investors can profit from it.

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David Morgan: Silver Overdone Now, But Headed Higher In 2011

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Christopher Jylkka: Bearish Winter For Natural Gas

The manager of Boston Energy Trading shares his current outlook on natural gas.


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Tom Winmill: Picking The Right Miners For The Right Time

The portfolio manager for the gold-centric Midas Fund shares his thoughts on how to evaluate gold miners, and explains how gold is like a breath mint.

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Jack Lifton: US Has Been 'Foolish' On Rare Earth Metals

The renowned rare earths expert explains why the current panic over Chinese hoarding is overblown, and what steps the U.S. should take to make a rare earth metals comeback.