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Lara Crigger is a senior staff writer for and ETF Report.

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Ten Things I Learned From The Flash Crash

Valuable nuggets mined from disaster

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Pat Chiefalo: Commodity ETFs Come Of Age In Canada

National Bank Financial's director of derivatives shares his outlook on the ETF landscape north of the border.


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Jason Toussaint: Gold Demand Going Higher In 2010

The managing director of investment for the World Gold Council explains why the long-term demand picture for gold looks so brilliant.


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How Much Exposure To BP Is In Your ETF?

Whether you see BP's current performance as a potential buying opportunity or a sign of bleaker times to come, it pays to know how much influence its presence is having in your ETFs.

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Commodities And Taxes: A Better Mousetrap?

Tax time is never pretty, but when it comes to futures-based ETFs, commodity investors can really feel the squeeze. But will a new family of ETFs change all that?


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Beyond WTI: John Hyland On Global Oil Exposure

We talk with U.S. Commodity Funds' chief investment officer about the firm's new Brent ETF, and why investors should think about their oil exposure in global terms.



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ETFS Expands Platinum, Palladium ETFs

ETF Securities, responding to strong investor demand, expanded available shares of both its platinum and palladium ETFs, but does the growth of these funds risk distorting their relatively small underlying markets?


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Stephen Schork: Why $65 Oil Makes More Sense Than $85

The editor of The Schork Report shares his insights into oil's fundamentals, including why $87 is just too high to pay in this market. Analysis

Concerns About PHYS [Correction]

Let me preface this by saying: I like gold. I believe it has a role in a portfolio and, in fact, I even bet our Research Director Dave Nadig a steak dinner that gold would hit $1,200 before it hit $1,000 again. (Looks like it's time to pony up the filet mignon, Dave.)