Lara Crigger

Lara Crigger is a senior staff writer for and ETF Report.

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Rick Ferri: Position Limits Are ‘Political Reactions’

When it comes to limiting energy ETFs, the data just isn't in yet, says the CEO of Portfolio Solutions.
  • Why ‘nothing fails like success’
  • The creeping cost of new funds
  • Commodities—worth it in a portfolio?

Features and News

Chris Jylkka: Rough Times Ahead For Natural Gas

Energy trader Christopher Jylkka shares his thoughts on the natural gas market.
  • Running out of storage space?
  • The steepening contango
  • The alternatives to UNG

Features and News

Frank Holmes: A September For Gold

The CEO of U.S. Global Investors shares his views on gold investing.
  • What drives September's price spike
  • Which miners he likes right now
  • Why deflation is just as good for gold as inflation

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Mongolia: Mining’s Next Big Thing?

Could the long-anticipated Oyu Tolgoi mine transform Mongolia into a mining superstar?
  • A draconian tax repealed
  • Copper, gold, uranium and coal
  • Which miners will benefit?

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Gary Dorsch: Skimming The ‘Froth’ Off Emerging Markets

The editor of the Global Money Trends Newsletter shares his thoughts on emerging markets.
  • An ‘ocean of liquidity’ buoying the market
  • Canada as a ‘middle of the road’ investment
  • Reserve currency: Will the yuan replace the dollar?

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Larry Reaugh: The Three M’s Of Specialty Metals

The CEO of Reaugh Group shares his views on the specialty metals market.
  • China as ‘the big snowball’
  • Manganese as the next molybdenum
  • How to play the Three M’s

Features and News

Playing The Sugar Rush

With sugar hitting 28-year highs, should investors consider indulging their sweet tooth?

  • Rainfall causes supply crunch
  • Food makers freaking out
  • Does sugar keep rising?

Features and News

James Turk: Gold To Hit $1,000 This Fall

Founder of GoldMoney gives Hard Assets Investor his predictions on the yellow metal's short-term future.
  • Physical vs. ‘paper’ gold
  • Why September’s a key month
  • Are we nearing ‘peak gold’?

Features and News

Is ‘Cash For Clunkers’ Salvaging Metals?

The metals markets have seen a boost from the government's CARS program -– but can the good times last?
  • The psychological impact of CARS
  • ‘Wishful thinking' in the steel markets?
  • Is U.S. platinum miner in trouble?