Lara Crigger

Lara Crigger is a senior staff writer for and ETF Report.

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James Hamilton: The Fundamentals Of Oil Shocks

The professor of economics and blogger gives his insight on what really drives the commodities markets.
  • Why index funds make commodities move together
  • What really drove the 2008 spike in oil prices
  • Could higher crude prices kill the recovery?

Features and News

Tom Winmill: $2,400/oz Gold In The Next 10 Years

The portfolio manager of the Midas Fund gives us his take on the precious metals market.
  • Where gold goes next in the short and long term
  • Have we hit peak gold?
  • Why he likes platinum best of all Analysis

Will UNL Beat UNG?

Can USCF's new fund tackle the natural gas contango?

Features and News

John Hyland: Regulators ‘Evolving’ On Commodity ETFs

The man behind USO and UNG sees some movement on the regulatory front.

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Adrian Ash: Gold’s Uptrend Driven By Leverage

We take the temperature of the gold markets with BullionVault's head of research.

  • Why gold is a terrible inflation hedge
  • The real reason behind gold's recent rise
  • Are we in a gold bubble?

Features and News

Tim Guinness: Oil Market Tightening

Do current fundamentals justify oil prices? Yes, says the founder and CIO of Guinness Atkinson Funds.
  • fWhat’s the right equilibrium for oil?
  • Gas vs. Oil: which has more upside left?
  • Why Saudi Arabia doesn’t want $100 oil

Features and News

Shonda Warner: Mother Nature, Not Speculators, Changes The Ag Game

Where do ags go next? The founder of Chess Ag Full Harvest Partners shares her views.

  • Where she’s looking for farmland now
  • Ethanol's ‘white elephant in the room’
  • Which technology could change the ag markets forever

Features and News

Stephen Schork: More Upside In Oil

The editor of The Schork Report shares his thoughts on the current state of the energy markets.

  • Will the oil contango continue?
  • China vs. the ‘idea of China’
  • The importance of political peak oil

Features and News

Peter Schiff: The Government Chose Wrong

The president of Euro Pacific Capital and candidate for U.S. Senate shares his thoughts on the global economic markets.
  • Inflation or deflation—and why?
  • Why we don't need a global reserve currency
  • A return to the gold standard?