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Lara Crigger is a senior staff writer for and ETF Report.

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ETFS Expands Platinum, Palladium ETFs

ETF Securities, responding to strong investor demand, expanded available shares of both its platinum and palladium ETFs, but does the growth of these funds risk distorting their relatively small underlying markets?


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Stephen Schork: Why $65 Oil Makes More Sense Than $85

The editor of The Schork Report shares his insights into oil's fundamentals, including why $87 is just too high to pay in this market. Analysis

Concerns About PHYS [Correction]

Let me preface this by saying: I like gold. I believe it has a role in a portfolio and, in fact, I even bet our Research Director Dave Nadig a steak dinner that gold would hit $1,200 before it hit $1,000 again. (Looks like it's time to pony up the filet mignon, Dave.)

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Jon Nadler: Gold’s Current Highs Not Sustainable In The Long Run

The Kitco metals market analyst explains what's really driving the gold market, and why, based on fundamentals, gold should be closer to $800/oz than $8,000.


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Mark Mobius: The Case For Frontier Markets

Back by popular demand, Templeton Asset Management and investing icon Mark Mobius explains why he loves frontier markets right now.


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Ken Medlock: Why We Can’t Give Up Offshore Drilling Yet

In light of the Deepwater Horizon accident, this energy expert and professor explains why offshore drilling is so crucial to our economy—and why it isn't going anywhere just yet.


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Tyler Mordy: How Commodities Fit In A Portfolio

The director of research at HAHN Investment shares his thoughts on what to look for in a commodity ETF.


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Jessica Cross: Silver Coming Into Its Own

The CEO of precious metals and commodities research firm VM Group explains why silver's new medical applications could brighten the metal's outlook in the coming months.
  • How silver has been ‘typecast’
  • Is faith in the gold/silver ratio well-placed?
  • Using silver to purify water, make clothes less stinky

ETF Report

 Metals Mania

When ETF Securities debuted its new bullion-backed Physical Platinum Shares (NYSE Arca: PPLT) and Physical Palladium Shares (NYSE Arca: PALL) back in January, the funds exploded out of the gate, resulting in two of the most successful U.S. ETF launches ever. In just over three months, PPLT has already swelled to $564 million in assets, while PALL has surged to $317 million.