Lara Crigger

Lara Crigger is a senior staff writer for and ETF Report.

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John Rubino: Gold, Green And The Fate Of The Dollar

Longtime financial commentator and author discusses how investors can profit from the clean tech revolution.
  • A spike in oil spikes the best clean tech stocks
  • ETFs: more trading vehicle than physical ownership substitute
  • Avoid the ‘story' stocks

Features and News

Hal Sirkin: Commodities And The ‘Next Billion Customers’

Author and senior partner of the Boston Consulting Group sees rising wealth among emerging markets driving commodities demand.

  • What is globality and what does it mean for investors?
  • From subsistence to consumption
  • Invest where the resources are

Features and News

Platinum Group Metals: The GM Angle

Prices of platinum and palladium have soared recently to their highest levels since November 2008. So why is GM's bankruptcy partly to blame?

  • Behind the automotive connection
  • Playing the platinum-palladium spread
  • How the only U.S. PGM miner has fared

Features and News

Kevin Kerr: Playing The Weak Dollar

The editor of the Global Commodities Alert discusses how investors can protect themselves in the coming months.

  • From whirlwind to implosion
  • Increased interest rates: wishful thinking?
  • Silver as an inflation play

Features and News

Bill Murphy: Manipulation Of The Gold Market

The chairman and director of GATA explains why he feels gold and silver prices have been purposely suppressed.
  • The Gold Cartel
  • Borrowing gold is like free money
  • Quantitative easing: the final straw?

Features and News

Nusbaum: Buying Agriculture

Financial adviser and contributor Roger Nusbaum sees opportunities in agriculture and other hard asset categories.
  • Oil is going to $80
  • Gold still has a place
  • Monsanto as a core holding

Features and News

Commodity Equity ETFs Get Active. What About Futures?

The filing for active commodity equity funds from Claymore has some asking when active commodity futures ETFs will appear.
  • Claymore vs. its competitors in the equity space
  • CTAs and active futures
  • What about the Barclays Hedge Index

Features and News

Uranium: An Under-The-Radar Bull Market

Uranium prices are rebounding. But how does the long-term picture look?

  • Headed for a bull market?
  • New mines in Africa
  • Uranium stocks outperform

Features and News

David Morgan: A Bull’s Case For Silver

Gold may make the headlines, but we caught up with one of silver's notorious bulls to hear the case for ag.

  • The 'good times' metal vs. 'doom-and-gloom'
  • Uncommon supply issues
  • The 'right' ratio with gold