Lara Crigger

Lara Crigger is a senior staff writer for and ETF Report.

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Ken Medlock: Why We Can’t Give Up Offshore Drilling Yet

In light of the Deepwater Horizon accident, this energy expert and professor explains why offshore drilling is so crucial to our economy—and why it isn't going anywhere just yet.


Features and News

Tyler Mordy: How Commodities Fit In A Portfolio

The director of research at HAHN Investment shares his thoughts on what to look for in a commodity ETF.


Features and News

Jessica Cross: Silver Coming Into Its Own

The CEO of precious metals and commodities research firm VM Group explains why silver's new medical applications could brighten the metal's outlook in the coming months.
  • How silver has been ‘typecast’
  • Is faith in the gold/silver ratio well-placed?
  • Using silver to purify water, make clothes less stinky

ETF Report

 Metals Mania

When ETF Securities debuted its new bullion-backed Physical Platinum Shares (NYSE Arca: PPLT) and Physical Palladium Shares (NYSE Arca: PALL) back in January, the funds exploded out of the gate, resulting in two of the most successful U.S. ETF launches ever. In just over three months, PPLT has already swelled to $564 million in assets, while PALL has surged to $317 million.

Features and News

Jessica Cross: Power Disruptions Could Drive PGM Prices Higher

The CEO of precious metals and commodities research firm VM Group explains how disruptions in the South African power supply could push platinum and palladium skyward.

  • Ripple effects on automakers
  • Are PGM ETFs moving their markets?
  • Why flooded mines are a big deal

Features and News

Eily Ong: Chinese Gold Consumption ‘Catching Up’

The author of the World Gold Council's recent study, Gold in the Year of the Tiger, gives us her outlook on Chinese gold consumption.
  • This sector makes up 80 percent of Chinese gold demand
  • Could China affect gold's seasonality?
  • Is the current growth sustainable?

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Chris Jylkka: Natural Gas Recovery Is ‘Relative’

The energy trader and principal of Boston Energy LLC gives us his updated outlook for the natural gas markets.
  • Why a warm summer could mean $5 natural gas
  • What the offshore drilling plan has to do with carbon
  • Why there's still money to be made in natural gas

Features and News

Math Problems: Production In Natural Gas

The EIA is finally changing its natural gas statistics, amid accusations that it overstates domestic output. So will the fix give the commodity a sorely needed boost?

  • How the EIA calculates its statistics
  • Why shale gas changed the picture
  • What will happen to prices?

Features and News

George Rahal: Contango Has No Effect On Commodity Returns

The shape of the futures curve has no impact on commodity returns, says the founder of Vista CTA, LLC.
  • Why contango doesn't matter—but roll does
  • What to look for in an ideal commodity index
  • Why you don't want to be ‘where the action is’