Lara Crigger

Lara Crigger is a senior staff writer for and ETF Report.

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Tim Guinness: Oil Market Tightening

Do current fundamentals justify oil prices? Yes, says the founder and CIO of Guinness Atkinson Funds.
  • fWhat’s the right equilibrium for oil?
  • Gas vs. Oil: which has more upside left?
  • Why Saudi Arabia doesn’t want $100 oil

Features and News

Shonda Warner: Mother Nature, Not Speculators, Changes The Ag Game

Where do ags go next? The founder of Chess Ag Full Harvest Partners shares her views.

  • Where she’s looking for farmland now
  • Ethanol's ‘white elephant in the room’
  • Which technology could change the ag markets forever

Features and News

Stephen Schork: More Upside In Oil

The editor of The Schork Report shares his thoughts on the current state of the energy markets.

  • Will the oil contango continue?
  • China vs. the ‘idea of China’
  • The importance of political peak oil

Features and News

Peter Schiff: The Government Chose Wrong

The president of Euro Pacific Capital and candidate for U.S. Senate shares his thoughts on the global economic markets.
  • Inflation or deflation—and why?
  • Why we don't need a global reserve currency
  • A return to the gold standard?

Features and News

Nouriel Roubini: The Coming Commodities Correction

The chairman of RGE Monitor shares his bearish outlook on commodities for 2010.
  • Too much supply, not enough demand
  • China can't be ‘main engine of growth’
  • $100 oil would mean ‘double-dip recession’

Features and News

Jon Nadler: Gold Not In Bull Market

Don't be fooled, says Kitcos’s metals market analyst. The fundamentals show that rising prices just can't last for long.
  • The 4 telltale signs of a gold bull market
  • Gold demand: ‘A total disaster’
  • The two events that will kick-start a price correction

ETF Report

 Capital Gains Carnage

When it comes to taxes, ETF investors generally have little to worry about, given that the vast majority are far more tax efficient than their mutual fund cousins. But in 2008, some exotic funds—namely, leveraged and inverse ETFs—defied their tax-friendly reputations and stuck shareholders with enormous tax bills.

Features and News

Leo Larkin: Gold - The ‘Stealth’ Bull Market

The S&P equity analyst shares his thoughts on where gold's headed next.
  • Is the rally overheated?
  • Have investors missed their chance?
  • Why mid-tier producers might attract more money

Features and News

Matt McCall: Playing The Next Great Bull Market

The author of ‘The Next Great Bull Market' shares his thoughts on how investors can play the coming commodities boom.
  • Why he's still in UNG
  • Bull market benefits base metals, gold and oil
  • How (and why) investors should play lithium