Lara Crigger

Lara Crigger is a senior staff writer for and ETF Report.

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MLPs: Profit In The Pipelines?

This often-overlooked asset class can help you tap into the coming infrastructure boom.

  • High yields, low risk
  • Oversold and undervalued?
  • The risks and challenges

Features and News

Dipping Into The Rice Bowl

Boosted by weather concerns, oil costs and biofuel programs, the price of rice looks quite nice.

  • Rice a daily staple for more than half the world population
  • 7% of total production trades on the global market
  • Stockpiles at lows not seen since 1976

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Uranium Update

The market continues to reflect its faith in fission.

  • The boom, the pullback and now...
  • The top pure-play mining companies
  • Could thorium be the secret winner?

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Pollution Is Good Business

All three remaining presidential candidates favor a mandatory cap-and-trade CO2 system. Is now the time to buy carbon contracts?
  • Can conservation and capitalism mix?
  • CCX or NYMEX?
  • Will it really work?

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Cocoa Hits Its Sweet Spot

This Valentine's Day, skip the heart-shaped box - buy futures instead.

  • Heart-healthy message spurs demand
  • War, drought plague supply
  • New 24-year price record

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Helium: Investing in the Loner Element

Is the helium bull market real, or is it a lot of hot air?

  • Dwindling supplies and a constrained market
  • The uses of helium
  • The importance of natural gas