Lara Crigger

Lara Crigger is a former staff writer for and ETF Report.

Features and News

Tom Konrad: Investing In Clean Energy

A renewable energy expert discusses the latest news and trends on the alternative energy scene.
  • Clean tech and Internet similarities
  • Exxon's leap into biofuels
  • The smart-grid free lunch

Features and News

Philip Klapwijk: A Coming Bear Market For Gold?

The executive chairman of GFMS Group gives his big-picture outlook on the gold market.
  • Gold's rising price floor
  • Demand difference between East and West
  • Real market recovery: myth or reality?

Features and News

Exxon: A Biofuel Bet?

Could you soon fill your gas tank with the sweat of pond scum? Exxon Mobil hopes so.
  • Exxon's new venture
  • The algae tech
  • Does it really matter?

Features and News

Chris Steiner: Priming For $20/Gallon Gas

Author and Forbes magazine writer says top-dollar gas prices will dramatically change every aspect of life as we know it.
  • How China will drive up gas prices
  • What's behind the death (and rebirth) of globalization
  • Why Wal-Mart is doomed to extinction

Features and News

John Rubino: Gold, Green And The Fate Of The Dollar

Longtime financial commentator and author discusses how investors can profit from the clean tech revolution.
  • A spike in oil spikes the best clean tech stocks
  • ETFs: more trading vehicle than physical ownership substitute
  • Avoid the ‘story' stocks

Features and News

Hal Sirkin: Commodities And The ‘Next Billion Customers’

Author and senior partner of the Boston Consulting Group sees rising wealth among emerging markets driving commodities demand.

  • What is globality and what does it mean for investors?
  • From subsistence to consumption
  • Invest where the resources are

Features and News

Platinum Group Metals: The GM Angle

Prices of platinum and palladium have soared recently to their highest levels since November 2008. So why is GM's bankruptcy partly to blame?

  • Behind the automotive connection
  • Playing the platinum-palladium spread
  • How the only U.S. PGM miner has fared

Features and News

Kevin Kerr: Playing The Weak Dollar

The editor of the Global Commodities Alert discusses how investors can protect themselves in the coming months.

  • From whirlwind to implosion
  • Increased interest rates: wishful thinking?
  • Silver as an inflation play

Features and News

Bill Murphy: Manipulation Of The Gold Market

The chairman and director of GATA explains why he feels gold and silver prices have been purposely suppressed.
  • The Gold Cartel
  • Borrowing gold is like free money
  • Quantitative easing: the final straw?