Matt Hougan

Matt Hougan is CEO of Inside ETFs, a division of Informa PLC. He spearheads the world's largest ETF conferences and webinars. Hougan is a three-time member of the Barron's ETF Roundtable and co-author of the CFA Institute’s monograph, "A Comprehensive Guide to Exchange-Trade Funds."

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 2008 In Review

2008 was quite a year for the exchange-traded fund industry. Investors endured some things they never expected—like a ban on short-selling financial stocks—and some things they never want to see again, like a 40% swoon in global equity markets.

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Huge Distributions At ProShares

It turns out that Rydex wasn't the only exchange-traded fund company to pay out huge capital gains distributions this year. Analysis

Credit Goes To Credit Suisse

There's something beautiful about the fact that Credit Suisse will be paying bonuses this year by doling out illiquid mortgage securities to senior staff.

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ETF Tax Shocker: Huge Payout For Rydex Inverse Funds

After gaining just 33% this year, one Rydex inverse ETF slaps investors with 86% cap gains. Here's why. Analysis

What Will Morgan Stanley/Goldman Sachs Do?

The "Source" joint venture raises a host of interesting questions, aside from the ones you mention, Paul. Analysis

CDS And Credit Spreads In Perspective

It's true that the risk of default continues to rise, Paul. But the sharp uptick in CDS spreads and credit spreads must be put in perspective.

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Tough Outlook For Commodity Indexes

There are times when commodity futures are a good bet; this is not one of those times. [Corrected]

  • Huge contango in the markets
  • No collateral return
  • Why commodity stocks are a better bet

ETF Report

 Why The New Real Estate ETF IPO Matters

Sometime in the next month or two, MacroShares will launch its long-promised house-price ETFs. When they do, it could herald a new era for the ETF industry.