Matt Hougan

Matt Hougan is CEO of Inside ETFs, a division of Informa PLC. He spearheads the world's largest ETF conferences and webinars. Hougan is a three-time member of the Barron's ETF Roundtable and co-author of the CFA Institute’s monograph, "A Comprehensive Guide to Exchange-Trade Funds."

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 What’s wrong with EEM?

There is something wrong with the fourth-largest exchange-traded fund in the world. 

The $17.5 billion iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (AMEX: EEM) is having increasing trouble tracking its benchmark, and this poor performance is hurting returns. Through July 31, 2007, the popular ETF lagged the MSCI Emerging Markets Index by 5.28% year-to-date, and 7.07% for the preceding 1-year period. Incredibly, the fund lost more than 2% against its benchmark in July alone.

Journal Of Indexes

Quieting The Noise

Andre Perold takes on the noisy markets hypothesis. Analysis

Which ETFs To Avoid, Part 2

Your conversation on CNBC about oil and commodities ETF was interesting, Jim. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me which oil-focused ETF did the best job tracking the price of crude, I'd be richer than a roughneck on payday. Analysis

Touching The Third Rail

Representative George Miller (D-Calif.) has stirred up a quite a fury with his new bill requiring all 401(k) plans to offer at least one broad-based index fund. Reading the response from the active fund industry, you'd think Miller had put us on the fast-track to socialism ... one day index funds, the next day gulags.

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ETN Market Heats Up

The exchange-traded note (ETN) market is about to get much more interesting. Analysis

The Tumbling Market

Well Jim, you should start a hedge fund, and I should be your lead trader. The DJIA is down about 600 points since you first posted on Priced To Perfection, and the downturn has gone global: EAFE's off about 7% over the same timeframe as well.

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Contango Turns (Almost)

Commodity investors: Rejoice. It finally makes sense to invest in commodities again.

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 Is It Reasonable?

If the current tax treatment holds, exchange-traded notes (ETNs) are a better mousetrap.

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 Going International

International (ex-US) ETFs are suddenlycropping up all over the marketplace,seeking sunlight—and investors—in thelooming shadow of the $40 billioniShares MSCI EAFE (EFA) ETF. Vanguard,State Street Global Advisors,WisdomTree, Claymore, andPowerShares have all launched or filedto launch broad, international, developed-markets ETFs recently; andPowerShares already markets the BLDRSDeveloped Markets ADR (ADRD). All ofthese ETFs have subtle but importantdifferences when compared with EFAand each other.