Matt Hougan

Matt Hougan is CEO of Inside ETFs, a division of Informa PLC. He spearheads the world's largest ETF conferences and webinars. Hougan is a three-time member of the Barron's ETF Roundtable and co-author of the CFA Institute’s monograph, "A Comprehensive Guide to Exchange-Trade Funds." Analysis


I spent part of last week in New York attending the Journal of Indexes editorial board meeting and the S&P 500 50th anniversary birthday bash. Both were great events, and gave me a lot of insight into what index developers are thinking about these days.

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The World Pays Dividends

How does BGI's new EPAC Dividend ETF stack up against the WisdomTree offerings?

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 1+1 ≠ 2

The ETF marketplace has gotten a lot more interesting recently. With over 500 ETFs tracking everything from commodities to currencies, ETFs have brought low-cost access to areas of the market where individual investors were not welcome just a few years ago. This great opening up has been good for investors, but it has also exposed them to new kinds of risks … risks which, in many cases, they do not understand.

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 Which water is best?

Blue gold, an alluring prospect, now easily accessible times three Analysis

Welcome to the new

There are a lot of things I love about the redesign of the great look and feel, the improved functionality, the expanded content possibilities. But one of the things I’m most excited about is this blog.

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Tracking Error In Exchange-Traded Funds

In ETFs, as in life, it's important to get what you pay for.

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 Actively managed ETFs on tap

The era of actively managed ETFs is set to begin

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The Universal Bull Market

(Basically all) indexes march to new highs. Is anything cheap anymore?

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Hidden Fees ... Exposed!

Rob Bauer’s new study shines a light in the dark, dark corner of the mutual fund market.