Matt Hougan

Matt Hougan is CEO of Inside ETFs, a division of Informa PLC. He spearheads the world's largest ETF conferences and webinars. Hougan is a three-time member of the Barron's ETF Roundtable and co-author of the CFA Institute’s monograph, "A Comprehensive Guide to Exchange-Trade Funds."

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A Better Mousetrap? ETF Fees Fall at Vanguard

As assets pour in, Vanguard lowers fees across the full range of its ETFs, besting recent index fund fee initiatives. Will other fund families follow?

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Halfway There

Standard and Poor’s readies itself for one of the biggest changes to its indexing methodology in history. With any luck, you’ll hardly notice.

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Derivatives Explosion

Derivatives are trading at record levels, with a host of index futures and options now listed. This comprehensive survey article takes a look at the past, present - and future - of derivatives markets.

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World’s Hottest Market Gets First ETF

Iceland - in the midst of a multiyear run that is the envy of the investing world - has made buying its stock market as easy as one click, with the launch of the country's first ETF.

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CPI Two-Step

The Consumer Price Index has been called "a con job foisted on the unwitting public." Hougan investigates.

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The Next Big Thing: ETFs in Your 401(k) Take Hold

As ETF assets have soared, a quiet movement has gotten underway to help ETFs find their way into the $2.7 trillion U.S. retirement assets market.

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The Downfall of the Dollar, and What to Do about It

The dollar has been on a long, steep slide that has been the talk of politicians, global bank governors and investors. There are some things investors can do to hedge off or benefit from the slide.

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BXM - Less Risk and Higher Returns?

In the current market environment, the 2004 "5 I's" Awards winner for most innovative benchmark has proven to be an extremely appealing investment.

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Dow Jones Ready to Samba with Brazil Titans

Brazil - even more than soccer, samba and sun-bathed beaches.