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Pimco Filings Detail Plans For Active ETFs

Pimco reveals details about proposals for a line of active ETFs.

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The Best Way To Play China's Currency

Choosing between the two Chinese currency exchange-traded products available might not be as easy as it seems. Here's a closer look.

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FINRA Changes Stance On Leveraged ETFs

Regulator reverses stance and indicates that advisers can suggest use of leveraged ETFs for more than one-day holding periods.

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Schwab Sets Plans For Initial Family Of Nine ETFs

New Schwab ETFs cover a wide swath from small- to large-caps across most asset classes.

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ETF Digest: July 16

UNG's Plight Impacting Natural Gas Prices?

In this new commodities report, the Wall Street Journal's Carolyn Cui takes a look at whether the holdup on the U.S. Natural Gas Fund (NYSEArca: UNG) to gain a green light from regulators to offer new shares is hurting pricing for the entire gas marketplace.

You can read the story here.


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Direxion Launches 3x Leveraged REIT ETFs

Direxion launches new leveraged and inverse REIT ETFs tracking U.S. markets.

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Leverage With A Twist: Two For The Price Of One?

New leveraged ETFs would compare returns of different asset classes.

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Hammers Ups Ante With Preferreds & BuyWrite ETFs

Manager of institutional portfolios debunks concern that asset allocation strategies and rebalancing won't work in coming years.