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New Filing Proposes State-Specific ETFs

New ETF sponsor requests launching ETFs focusing only on companies based in Texas.

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First Islamic ETF Launches In U.S.

The first Islamic-themed ETF begins trading on the NYSE as a flurry of other SRI-based funds are expected.

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International REITs: China Vs. World?

Foreign real estate ETFs are having a banner year. But in a crowded field, funds leaning the most heavily toward Asia are ahead of the pack.

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China Big Winner As Exxon Dethroned In Russell

Money shifts China's way as investment dollars head to Asia in latest Russell reconstitution.

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Different Sort Of ETF Proposed To Short Crude Oil

Another ETF to short oil is being proposed, but this one has a twist.

ETF Report

 International Infrastructure: The Best ETF For The Job

As the world digs itself out of recession, government-backed projects are funneling billions of dollars into creating new bridges, roads and tunnels. Analysis

Is UNG Propping Up Gas Prices?

Is the booming popularity of an exchange-traded fund altering pricing for the entire natural gas market?

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Natural Gas: A Tale Of Two Funds

While UNG keeps gaining assets, there's another natural gas ETF that's clobbering both the market and its much more popular rival.