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Hyland: Index-Based ETFs Not The Problem

CIO of U.S. Commodity Funds presents case for index-based ETFs in commodities markets.

Features and News

All-Cap China ETF: Something Different?

Proposed all-caps China ETF would enter an already much-contested field. Analysis

The Problem With Star Managers & ETFs

Is Fidelity finally ready to jump into ETFs in a big way? My sources say maybe … but there could be one troubling hitch.

Features and News

WisdomTree Narrows Breakeven Gap To $2.4 Billion

WisdomTree pinpoints breakeven for profitability at about $1.3 billion less than the previous quarter. Analysis

A Real Diamond ETF?

The world's biggest diamond producer is considering creating an ETF to help boost demand in the market. Is this self-serving or could it have real investment potential?