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20 Years On: Development & Future Of ETPs

Co-founder and CEO of ETP provider Boost ETP Nik Bienkowski looks at the burgeoning ETP market over the last 20 years.

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Oil Futures, Exchange-Traded Commodities And The Oil Futures Curve

New ways to invest in an age-old asset class

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Plowing Through The Fundamentals Of Agriculture

HAI contributor Nik Bienkowski surveys the hottest market in the commodities space: agriculture.

  • Tight supply and rising demand: a detailed look at the data
  • Why the supercycle makes sense for Ags
  • The "Chindia" effect

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Which Commodities Work Now?

Which hard assets will protect you in hard times and which soft assets will cushion your portfolio in today's climate?

  • Gold may rise, while oil falls
  • Outlook for softs improves
  • A close look at subsector correlations

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Cultivating The Rise In Soybean Prices

A conflux of factors – ranging from global warming to rich Chinese citizens eating more meat – is conspiring to drive up soybean prices long-term.

  • Fundamental, long-term changes in the market
  • Entire market exposed to disease, weather
  • The outlook of 2008

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The Oil Futures Curve

Bienkowski lays out the case for why investing at different points on the oil future curve makes sense for different kinds of investors.

  • The importance of futures
  • Different horizons, different returns
  • Deviations in standard deviation

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Letter To The Editor: Creeping Correlations

Commodities still work when it matters most: when the markets stumble.