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Paul Amery is the former European editor of

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Parsing Active And Passive Investing

Not all index-tracking funds are silent when it comes to questions of governance. Analysis

The Looming Bond Fund Crash

The risk of liquidity problems in retail bond funds continues to grow.

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Active Or Passive In Small Caps?

Indexation has created market inefficiencies in smaller U.S. companies, says Neuberger Berman.

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Ex-Hedgie Now On Index Crusade

No one’s incentivized to sell investors what they really need, says ex-hedge fund manager turned author Lars Kroijer.

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Total Expense Ratios Are Not Total

New fund regulations have resulted in cost confusion.

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Asset Managers Face Systemic Label

Systemic risk designation threatens major new costs for large asset managers.

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RDR Leads To “Slow-Burn” ETF Uptake

ETF issuers expect a slow but steady pick-up in demand from Europe’s retail investors Analysis

Exploiting Smart Beta

The largest and smallest investors may be best placed to make use of non-standard index approaches

Features and News

From Leader To Laggard

Europe’s ETF market falls behind in the global growth race