Paul Amery

Paul Amery is the former European editor of

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Low-Vol Can Be Volatile

The past risk of equity market sectors may be no guide to what's next.

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Trading At The Margin

Corporate bond ETFs interact with the wider market in only a small number of bonds, causing distortions and raising liquidity concerns. Analysis

The Squeeze On Index Fees

Did Vanguard's bold move change the indexing business forever?

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Pulling In Opposite Directions

Tensions rise between index providers and their exchange owners. Investors in passive funds need to pay close attention.

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Exploiting The Yield Chasers

Income-seekers are driving the performance of low-vol indices, creating opportunities in other asset classes.

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New Call To Boost European ETF Lending

Changes in market infrastructure can lead to more widespread use of ETFs in securities finance transactions, say specialists

Features and News

Korea Sets The Pace In Asian ETF Trading

Korea’s Hanwha Asset Management leads new ETF launches in Asia in seven sectors, including shipbuilding and transportation. Analysis

ETFs And Skewed Incentives

You won't find the worst incentive structures in the index fund business. But ETFs are not immune to mis-selling risks. Analysis

Stopping The Financial Arms Race

Traders, not regulators, may end up pushing for better coordination of share market orders.