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Paul Amery is the former European editor of

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Shaking Up Fund Fees

Edhec’s index move allows investors to sidestep the fund management industry’s asset-based fees.

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Edhec-Risk: Index Information Should Be Free

Investors should pay index firms only for value added, not for basic index information, says founder of new smart beta platform.

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Index Battle Heats Up

More new providers enter the indexing market, but some index firm clients complain licensing costs are going up, not down.

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IOSCO Opts For Broad Benchmark Definition

The Madrid-based International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), an association of the world’s securities market regulators, has issued a new consultation report setting out high-level principles to be followed by the administrators of financial benchmarks.

Administrators of financial benchmarks are defined by IOSCO as organisations responsible for calculating, determining and applying the methodology of, or disseminating benchmarks.

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Laws Of Unintended Consequences

Whole industries can die out or flourish as a result of apparently insignificant shifts in government policy.

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Schroders: Buy Value, Short Growth

Schroders' chief economist says that it's time to emphasise higher-beta recovery stocks within equity portfolios

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MSCI: Index Providers Treat Clients Fairly

MSCI’s index head says investors benefit from high standards in equity benchmarking business

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RAFI Corrects Statements On EM Backtests

Research Affiliates, creator of the ‘fundamental index’ series of equity benchmarks, clarifies Arnott’s earlier statements on its backtests.