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Create-to-Lend “Crucial” For European ETFs

Developing a viable create-to-lend market for European exchange-traded funds will be crucial in boosting ETF trading volumes, said panellists at Markit’s Securities Finance Forum in London on Tuesday.

Create-to-lend is a process by which market intermediaries create ETF units to allow other traders to cover short positions.

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EDHEC-Risk: Insist On Full Index Transparency

If you want to understand risk, you need to understand your index, EDHEC-Risk says.

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Rob Arnott Defends Fundamental Indexation

Fundamental index trackers may fall short of their benchmarks, but they're still better than cap-weighting or active management, says Rob Arnott. Analysis

Securities Lending Carries More Risk Than We Can See

Risks from shadow banking activities like securities lending are hard to see, but real nonetheless

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FTSE Moots Addition Of Chinese A-Shares To Global Indices

Index provider FTSE says China’s domestic “A”-shares may be eligible for inclusion in its global stock indices within a few years, according to a report in the Financial Times.

Currently only 1.3 percent of A-shares are owned by non-domestic investors, the result of a quota system that has historically limited foreign purchases of locally listed stocks.

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ESMA Stakeholder Group Calls For Balanced Approach To Index Regulation

The European Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group (SMSG), a consultative body that provides guidance to Europe’s securities market regulator, ESMA, has called for an approach to index regulation that balances the need for increased transparency with the protection of the intellectual property rights of index providers.

Journal Of Indexes

Benchmark, Index, Strategy— What’s In A Name?

An interview with Mark Voermans of PGGM

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First Trust Plans European Launch

US ETF issuer First Trust says it plans to launch a new family of European exchange-traded funds in the first quarter of 2013, subject to regulatory approval in Ireland.

First Trust issued its first US ETFs in 2005 and is currently the eleventh-largest US issuer, with $9.3 billion in funds under management.

Around half this total is in a family of “enhanced” index trackers called AlphaDEX ETFs, and First Trust plans to start its European operations with the launch of up to five AlphaDEX funds.