Paul Amery

Paul Amery is the former European editor of Analysis

Investors Caught Long And Wrong In Credit ETFs

Very few ETF investors have profited from the continuing widening in credit spreads, even thought the vehicles are there for them to do so. Analysis

Pensions Inequalities

Jim, I'm going to sidestep your provocative remarks on Japan for a blog or two. Analysis

Japanese Stocks Are Dirt Cheap

Matt, your comments have made me think long and hard about why I'm holding Japanese equities.

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The Structural Risks Of ETFs

If an ETF issuer, services provider or custodian bank went bankrupt, how long would it take for investors to get their money back? Analysis

Taxing Times For Investors

Jim, my pension plan is still two-thirds invested in gold and silver ETCs, so you can hardly accuse me of being bullish - and I wasn't the one to put my money in the financials ETF!

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Structural Risks In ETFs

What would happen if an ETF issuer, providers of services to an ETF, or the ETF custodian bank went bankrupt, and how long would investors have to wait to get their money back? Analysis

How Likely Is Bank Default?

How much bad news has been priced into bank debt and equity prices, and are markets getting too pessimistic?

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A Sector-Based Look At The Bear Market

Which European equity sectors have performed best and worst in the 2007-09 bear market, and how has this left valuations? We look at the returns from different industries, the equity sector outlook, and recent fund flows. Analysis

There's A Hole In Your Bucket, Dear Geithner...

Jim, I don't believe that the authorities can bail out the financial system, even if they want to. And in my view the big mistake of last September was not the Lehman collapse, but the AIG rescue.