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Paul Amery is the former European editor of

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Dallmer: Boosting Arbitrage

NYSE Euronext's Lisa Dalmer gives her take on cross-listings in the U.S. and Europe and potential moves to unfreeze slow-seeding ETF markets. Analysis

Do We Want Free Markets?

Matt, I think one of your suggestions on the CDS market makes sense, and one is a really bad idea. Analysis

Madoff And ETFs

Jim, the amazing Madoff story is in some ways a test case for us to see how the regulatory system is or is not working, and how things might be changed.

Features and News

Will UK Retail Use Of ETFs Take Off?

Are ETFs about to lose the cachet of 'institutional investment product' in the UK, and follow the US trend of greater individual involvement? Analysis

The First Law Of Regulation

There's undoubtedly a case to be made, Jim, for protecting some investors from themselves. Analysis

Complexity And Transparency

So, Jim, if investors really don't know what they are doing in some of the more complicated areas of the ETF/ETC/ETN market, what's the solution? Analysis

Do Oil ETF/ETC Investors Know What They're Doing?

Are the ETF and ETC investors who've been buying oil at a record pace over recent weeks setting themselves up for a fall? Goldman Sachs thinks so, and FT Alphaville seems to agree ...

Features and News

A Year Of Extremes

How did commodity ETFs and ETCs cope with the roller-coaster ride in prices during 2008, which areas of the market fared the best, and what are the prospects for the coming year? We take an in-depth look at the sector. Analysis

You Can't Choose Your Parents

The weakness in banks' financial positions must be exercising ETF issuers' minds.