Paul Amery

Paul Amery is the former European editor of Analysis

Caught In A Trap

Is there any leeway at all for governments? Analysis

Where Are The Good Banks?

Can bad banks be made good by shifting toxic assets around? Analysis

Fund Complexity, Chickens And Eggs

What's being talked about at the Inside ETFs conference in Florida?

Features and News

European ETF/ETC Providers: Winners And Losers In 2008

Index Universe reviews the changes in the league table of ETF/ETC product providers in 2008, highlighting winners, losers and trends. Analysis

Gold, Inflation And Deflation

Matt, the questions you raise regarding gold (and precious metals, generally) and whether they are good inflation hedges are absolutely fundamental for any investor. Analysis

Geopolitics And Inflation

Jim—the points you raise regarding geopolitics, the US dollar, Treasury bonds and China are the million dollar questions affecting all of us. And their ultimate resolution will affect us in our daily lives, not just as investors.

Features and News

European ETFs In 2008: Year In Review

AUM figures show market is still in a strong growth phase, with significant investor inflows. Analysis

The Great Immoderation

It's only a year or two ago that the world's monetary authorities, G8 politicians and their cheerleaders in the press were celebrating the arrival of a new era in economic policy making. Analysis

FX Winners And Losers

Reviewing the currency world's risers and fallers for the year ending tonight.