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Paul Amery is the former European editor of

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Bond ETFs' Performance Diverges In 2008

The bull market in bonds in 2008 disguises very different performance from the various parts of the European fixed-income ETF sector. Analysis


The downturn is no respecter of political differences, regimes or ideologies. Analysis

Comrade Gordon And Caliph Haroun

I feel obliged to respond to Jim's comments on our dear leader, Gordon Brown. Analysis

Ten European ETF Forecasts For 2009

Here, in no particular order, are 10 European ETF forecasts for 2009. Let's see how I have done at this time next year!

Features and News

Inflation-Linked Bond ETFs – Time To Buy?

Have deflation worries created a buying opportunity in inflation-linked government bond ETFs? Analysis

GoldMorgan Stanley, Investing For Deflation, And ETFs Gain By Default

The news that Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are preparing an ETF joint venture, reported today on Index Universe, strikes me as a big story in many ways. Analysis

The Squeeze On Equities

Credit markets are forecasting further pain for equity investors. Analysis

How Not To Invest By Index

Dividend-weighted ETFs have been demonstrating to us how not to construct and manage a portfolio. Analysis

Gambler's Ruin?

Monday's enormous stock market rally (the FTSE 100 registered its largest ever percentage point gain, 9.8%) sent me to the history books to compare the current market volatility with that of past periods.