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Paul Amery is the former European editor of

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European Equity Sector ETFs — On The Rise?

Are sector equity ETFs coming of age in Europe? Analysis

Thoughts From The LSE Conference

I attended today's ETF conference at the London Stock Exchange, and here are some of the main topics of debate. Analysis

What's So Bad About Deflation?

As was the case in 2002, we are confronted by a very scary bogeyman.

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Searching For Yield

Will falling interest rates drive investors from the safety of cash deposits into riskier asset classes? Analysis

Currency Dilemmas

One interesting divergence in equity markets has caught my eye over the last few days. While US equities hit their October lows yesterday (and rebounded sharply), the UK market has stayed a good 15% above its lows from the previous month. Analysis

Thinking About Risk

We've all been covering recent ETF liquidity problems—but what about risk more generally?

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More On ETF Liquidity

What's been happening to secondary-market ETF liquidity in Europe? We review the latest data from XETRA, the German exchange. Analysis

Are Equities Cheap?

Which asset class represents one of the most complicated forms of derivatives?  Equities, of course. Analysis

The Challenges Ahead

Watching news reports of the election aftermath in the US, it is difficult not to be moved.  One can feel the palpable sense of relief amongst so many Americans, and observers worldwide, at the impending change of presidency.