Paul Amery

Paul Amery is the former European editor of

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The VW Rocket And Index Stability

IU reviews the implications for index investors of last week's spectacular price action in Volkswagen shares. Analysis

A Witches' Brew

Equities have had a better seven days, but the witches' brew of the global debt markets continues to bubble away, and get murkier. Analysis

Are Government Bonds Safe? And The VW Rocket Ride ...

Courtesy of CMA DataVision, the credit market information specialists, here is a chart of the 10-year credit default swap spread for US Treasury bonds, from the beginning of the year.

Features and News

What Now For Alternative Energy?

After a torrid 2008 so far, how should investors view alternative energy ETFs? Analysis

Credit Crisis

The strains in the credit markets have erupted into an outright crisis. Analysis

Hedge Fund Woes

Market views from today's Hedge 2008 conference in London

Features and News

More On Counterparty Risk (Securities Lending)

What risks are involved when ETFs' securities are lent out? Analysis

Commodities Collapse

If it weren't for the spectacular implosion of the equity markets in 2008, the investment headlines would surely be taken by the collapse in commodity prices from their peaks earlier in the year. Analysis

The Battle Over Dividends

The battle over bank dividends in the UK is of relevance for many ETF investors.