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More On Counterparty Risk (Swap-based ETFs)

With the rise in popularity of swap-based ETFs, should investors be concerned about counterparty exposures? surveys industry practices. Analysis

Fixing The Plumbing

Matt has raised some major questions about the future of ETFs and ETNs in the wake of the huge bailout of the banking sector. I'm going to reflect on those for a little longer before replying ... at least for a few paragraphs. Analysis

The Crash Of 2008

Where to start? Here are some loosely connected thoughts on the action of the last few days and this historic period in the financial markets, which will enter the history books as the great crash of 2008. Analysis

An October Start

So it's an October start in my new role as European editor for IndexUniverse, and for my first blog on In keeping both with the season and the tone for 2008 so far, plunging financial markets continue to dominate the world news.

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Measuring The Fallout

Will 2009 be a year of 'spring cleaning' in the European ETF market?

ETF Report

 Just How Risky Are ETNs?

The main argument in favor of ETNs has always been that they can offer effective access to niche areas of the market, where traditional methods of indexation might be difficult or even impractical...

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EDHEC European ETF 2008 Survey Results

Are managers just as happy to use passive trackers as to stock-pick? Either way, the indexers are encroaching...

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Comparing Costs And Counterparty Risk

Tracking down the real costs to investors in exchange-traded products.


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Inverse And Leveraged ETFs

Should we expect more involvement in this sector from the main ETF market players?