Paul Baiocchi

Paul Baiocchi is a former VP of analytics at Analysis

Dividend ETF Dogfight: FGD Vs. SDIV

Seeking stocks from around the world with high dividend yields? A challenge awaits. Analysis

The Cheapest ETF In The World

Greece ETF GREK has the lowest P/E ratio of any market in the world. Analysis

How Cheap Are Fidelity's New ETFs?

Just how cheap are Fidelity’s 10 low-cost, commission-free ETFs, really?

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 Sectors In Review

September represented a turnaround for U.S. sectors from the previous month.

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 ETF Explainer: VXX

Our explainer examines the reasons for the volatility-focused fund's steady decline. Analysis

Investors Overlooking Frontier ETFs?

Frontier markets shouldn’t be ignored, but that doesn’t mean they’re exactly tradable. Analysis

India ETFs Slowly Awakening

As emerging markets stabilize, Indian markets start to show signs of life. Analysis

Needed: Currency-Hedged Asia-Pacific ETFs

ETF investors needed a currency-hedged Asia-Pacific ETF yesterday. Analysis

Don’t Overthink Emerging Markets

No, actually it’s not the time to rethink emerging markets.